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Reviews and Interviews!

Word on the Street

...Gone Savage are always pushing themselves, whether it’s onstage performing in front of a crowd or offstage recording their music in-studio. Have a look at what respected members of the music industry are saying about Gone Savage and hear Will and Ian talking to stations and commentators from across the globe .....


Metal Temple

Life in Black and White album review

See what 'Metal' Mark Garcia had to say about our album - Life in Black and White...

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Exclusive interview!

This Friday we are on this amazing new rock show The Friday Rock Show with Al Hughes !!


Life in Black and White album review

Album Review: GONE SAVAGE’s “Life in Black and White” – A Resilient Musical Odyssey


KICK ASS Forever

Life in Black and White promo!

Gone Savage (Melodic Hard Rock - UK) - their new album "Life in Black & White" is due out November 2023 via Heaven and Hell Records


ParaVice City

Ian Salpekar of Gone Savage/Sweet Sin Interview - Oct 2023

Another recent interview we did with Chad at ParaVice City where we discuss all things Gone Savage and dip into the past with Sweet Sin !



In the sewers!

This week GlamRat is chatting to Will and Ian of the melodic hard rock band @Gone Savage ! We chat about how they got started, the community surrounding the rock festival scene and what they have planned coming up, plus a guilty pleasure or two! You don't want to miss it!



Interview with Will Glover

Recent interview by Will with The Metal Asylum in which he talks about where we came from to where we are now... Great nostalgia, even for the non believers..

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Minds Behind the Music - Irresistible single review!

The Track starts out with a wall of guitars the sound is powerful. The drums and bass are booming, introducing the vocalist singing, "Save me I'm drow....

Amazing review by Fran at Minds Behind the Music for our new single Irresistible!


Wrinkly Rockers Club - Icon Of Today single review!

Wrinkly Rockers Club

Some awesome comments below from our friends over at Wrinkly Rockers Club about our new single #iconoftoday and our album #pastlife!

Thank you so much for including our music Guys, we really appreciate it 🙏💯🙏#newmusicmattters #thankyou #new #radio #playlist #iconoftoday #wrinklyrockers #trackoftheweek

Metal Gods.jpg

The Metal Gods Meltdown

PastLife album review

“Past Life” is a must for all fans of great melodious rich metal, this classy deliverance is here for all to hear....."



Life in Black and White - single and video review

....the latest single is a very neat slice of smooth and riffy music called ‘Life in Black and White’ featuring some nifty lead guitar...

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Emerging Rock Bands

PastLife album review

.... ‘ A massive 12 tracks in a sublime mix of melodic and heavier riff filled tunes…All in all it’s a really fantastic album.... I will definitely be adding it to my collection…’


Rambling Man Writings

PastLife album review

....'The Rambling Man Writings Pick of the Day is the original rock overtures from Manchester's very own hard rock act Gone Savage...'


The Rockpit

PastLife album review

...' the band purveys a classy take on Rock but with a refreshingly melodic modern fee..'


Fireworks Magazine

PastLife album review

'..and it's a damn fine achievement .....especially fine if you are a fan of Dokken in their prime...


The Moshville Times

PastLife album review

'..First album review of 2022 for me and we have a stunner from Manchester’s Gone Savage with their new yet to be released album PastLife.....'


The Metal Mag

PastLife interview

Super thrilled to be included in this awesome magazine! Please be sure to pick up a copy and see our interview with Franck in full! Stories from the past, present and plans for the future!

Thank you for doing this Guys! Very much appreciated!

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Powerplay review 21.2.22.png

PastLife album review

Latest review of our eagerly awaited album PastLife by Chris Sutton in the March edition of Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine!

Order your copy here - and find out what Chris had to say!


Needle In The Groove

PastLife album review

Massive improvement since Gone Savage released their EP ‘Resurrection’ a couple of years back. ‘Past Life’ has a great set of songs with not a duffer or filler in sight...


The Metal Mag

PastLife album review

In a time where everything is going as fast as light, there are bands who search deeply for a label to get their album out to the masses and the others who release their own materials. Gone Savage is...


Manic Mosh Metal

PastLife album review

This is the newest work of Manchester / U.K act Gone Savage, the core of which consists of Ian Salpekar (bass) and singer Will Glover with the assistance of...


Rock poser Dot Com

PastLife album review

Happy 2022! Straight out of the starting blocks is this very splendid album by Mancunian Heavy Rockers GONE SAVAGE, with this simply marvellous ‘PastLife’ album, which instantly ticks all my musical boxes.


Accidental Music Reviewer

PastLife album review

Stan Kelly checks out the new album "Past Life" from Gone Savage for the Accidental Music Reviewer


The Rock & Roll Circus

PastLife album review

Jono Moulds checks out the new album "Past Life" from Gone Savage for The Rock & Roll Circus


Music News & Reviews

'The unruly love child of Bon Jovi and Motley Crue, Gone Savage are starting to make real waves...'


Rockstar Classics


'Rambling Man's Reviews, a site that provides you with the best in contemporary and classic rock....'


Reviews and more

My Music Review · Personal blog

With a long history since the early 90s the currently band line up is

Ian Salpekar and Will Glover.

To describe their music is easy....great! But that would be a little too little to say about these guys.

The music is fantastic, classic hard rock with a twist, cool guitar riffs, brilliant vocals and groovy melodies is what makes them sound traditional but in a modern way with their very own style.

They released the EP "Resurrection " in 2016 and the debut album

"PastLife" is planned to be released for the end of 2020.

The new song "Love Caught Me Out" is re-released and one of my favorites but I can say without hesitation that I love them all.

It's not a wonder that they make big waves on radio stations all over the world.

Have a listen, the music is available on all major platforms and enjoy great rock music!

General - Twitter, Linkedin, FB Page Cov

Fantasy Radio UK

Blown away to be added to the FRUK Artist category !

'Based in and around Manchester UK, with  their current fan base is predominately North West England / North Wales. Gone  Savage would describe their music as..




Simon from ERB Radio interviews Gone Savage with Ian & Will from the band on what has lock down been like for them both and the band and what the future holds for Gone Savage


Michael Hepple

Music News & Reviews

'This time I chat to Ian Salpekar from Preston in Lancashire about Gone Savage's new single "Love Caught Me Out"....



Music News & Reviews - triple-review!

'Some pretty solid stuff there! I played "Soul Sister" over and over again....!


Keep It Rock with Dunk MacKellar

The Inside Track

'On this week’s show... We meet Will Glover from UK rockers Gone Savage on The Inside Track..'


Nicky Clifford's My T Rock

Nicky Clifford's Lockdown sessions

'I chat with Ian Salpekar life in lockdown...'


The hard, heavy and hair Show with Pariah Burke!

Gone Savage - The Interview

'Hard, Heavy, & Hair with Pariah Burke is a syndicated radio show featuring two full hours of heart-pounding, guitar-crunching, throat-rending riffs in the best hard rock, heavy metal, and hair rock from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 20-teens, and today on 232 we have an interview with Ian Salpekar of Gone Savage'


Radio Viva NL

Hard rock night 08 Nov 2020

...Show-hosts Marion and Michel invited us on to their awesome show to talk about GONE SAVAGE and share our Top 5 with their listeners!!


INTERVIEW with Gone Savage's Ian Salpekar - by Pariah Burke, the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show Podcast - Spotify Exclusive Edition!
Photo credit - Arta Gailuma

The complete, uncut interview with Ian Salpekar of Gone Savage including 4 Gone Savage songs! Ian and Pariah talk about Gone Savage, Sweet Sin, the Resurrection EP and its songs, the new upcoming album, and more.


Vinyl Lollipops

The Gone Savage Interview!

Read Ian and Will's interview with Laura Williams from Vinyl Lollipops!


In this section of the website Pete helps to promote some bands/artists that you may not see on the regular music scene!

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Minds Behind the Music - Icon Of Today single review!

Minds Behind the Music

The review...."Icon Of Today"
The track starts off with a phone being dialed, and someone on the other end says "Hello" which introduces a wall of guitars clean and crisp with distortion 



Meet the artist interview!

Gone Savage Q&A
So let`s dig a bit deeper into the Gone Savage music and how it came to being.

Check out more Gone Savage reviews.

Reviews and Interviews!: Reviews
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