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Get all the latest Gone Savage news including events, music announcements, tour dates, and other happenings in the life of a busy and proactive Rock Band. For exclusive, personal updates from Gone Savage you can also check out their blog. Stay up to date and never miss a musical moment!

News: News

Breaking news - We are now working with Aurovine !

News from the Savage camp is that we are now working with Aurovine !

Please follow the link to discover us and a whole bunch of artist who have taken the leap to a new streaming platform!

Here the artist get .18p per track! Scoff at your peril ...but it's way better than any other streaming site and the artists get more to keep.

Yes there are loads of for and against arguments for main stream sites but unless you have a truck load of support, cash to spend or a way to beat the algorithms then this might be for you? #newmusic #newmusic2023 #newmusicmatters #Aurovine #maybetheanswer #stream #streaming #streamingchallenge #streamingservices #streamingservices


Vote for us as BAND OF THE MONTH

As you may be aware, or not, we have a chance for the 'band of the month' at TotalRock ! The track selected to promote our chances is the second single from #pastlife titled ' Life in Black and White'

The amazing video to accompany it was created by our good friend Hannah at Rock n Roll Babies . To see this and see / hear more of our older tunes, please follow the link below to our YouTube channel.

We would love to have you guys and gals subscribe to the channel! .....any shares, likes, comments very much appreciated and welcome! #lifeinblackandwhite #video #rocknroll #babies #youtubechannel #Youtube #totalrock #Please #Subscribe #subscribetomyyoutubechannel


Hive Radio UK - Gone Savage now Playlisted!

More excellent news !

Thank you for your music submission to Hive Radio UK in Manchester. 

'We like your new single 'Icon of Today' and I’m pleased to say we have added it to our Independent Playlist for rotation. The track will rotate regularly for at least 4 weeks on The Independent Music Show, Weekdays at 10am and 3pm, Tuesdays at 9pm (New), Thursdays at 9pm and Sundays at 2pm.

We are an Internet Radio Station with over 13,000 listeners per month and over 1 million minutes of audio listened to on our Mixcloud page. We will also add your track to our main playlist on Breakfast and our Jukebox shows. That means at least 2 extra plays per day for 4 weeks, at our most popular times. Giving your track even more exposure.' #thankyou #like #music #newmusicmatters #newbusiness #new #radio #playlist


Gone Savage - PastLife ad for Fireworks1024_1.jpg

pastLife release DAY!

Not long now.... FRIDAY 27TH MAY ! 

Please review section on this site to read and see all of the reviews!

#newmusicmatters #new #album #pastlife #MAY2022 #musician #musicartist #music #musiclife #independent #independentartist #blood #sweat #effort

Life in Black and White V1.png

This week is release week for the new single, ‘Life in Black and White’ !

Hi Everyone, hope all is well.

This week is release week for our new single, ‘Life in Black and White’ from the album PastLife and will be available to download and stream from Friday 4th March across numerous sites! We’re all buzzing about the pick up this has received from stations far and wide over the last month and also the recent ‘FREE or FEE’ offer on the website!

What we REALLY NEED is for you Guys and Gals to follow us on our accounts on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – Links below. This will help with making sure you receive updates and notifications and also help us in keeping the algorithms and bots happy AND make an impact on where we are seen and who sees us! – Spotify - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube

Cheers, Ian, Will and Dex!

#newmusicmatters #new #album #pastlife #duein2022 #lifeinblackandwhite single dropping 4th March

***Please can you help us by sharing posts, liking the posts and following us on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube***


Emerging Rock Bands Interview!

Honoured and chuffed too bits to be featuring in issue 9 of the new Emerging Rock Bands Magazine!

We met up with Scott and discussed all things Savagery, including the making of the new album Pastlife, Covid life, writing in a remote band, social media and what we are looking to achieve in 2022 and beyond!

Get your copy NOW!

Thank you to all the Guys and Gals at ERB for inviting us to talk with you and for the continued and amazing support for our music! We are truly grateful! #newmusicmatters #new #album #pastlife #duein2022 #lifeinblackandwhite single dropping 4th March

Life in Black and White V1.png

‘LIFE IN BLACK AND WHITE’ pre-release day!

‘LIFE IN BLACK AND WHITE’ pre-release day is HERE!

For a limited time you can get the MP3 download of our new single, ‘Life in Black and White’ for FREE or £1 – IT’S FOR YOU TO DECIDE!

Just visit the official website, and select the music tab at the top of the page by the web browser, go to the track and then hit the download button. At this point you will either enter £0.00 and your email (part of the freebie is that we will use this with your permission) or pay via PayPal the sum of £1.00 or more – you are under NO OBLIGATION to spend anything, only BUY if you can afford it!

This promo will run from Friday 18th February until Thursday 3rd March!

And as a Brucie bonus to all of you, we have set all of the other back catalogue tracks to FREE or £1 too! These will be on offer from Friday 18th February until Friday 25th February and includes the previous 3 singles, one bonus track and three tracks from the EP Resurrection ALL FREE OR FEE!!

Free or fee? You decide...Cheers Ian, Will and Dex

#fans #fan #new #promo #website #exclusive #download #free #orfee #resurrection #ep #bonus #tracks #newmusicmatters #new #album #pastlife #duein2022 #lifeinblackandwhite single dropping 4th March

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-13 at 19.41.04.jpeg

Rock 'n' Roll Babies! 

Something awesome comes this way!! ….so as we approach the release date for the new single – ‘Life in Black and White’ (4th March) off our soon to be released album PastLife, we thought we would share with you some amazing and talented artists that we are currently working with!

This is Hannah from Rock n Roll Babies and we would love it if you gave the page a look and a like!

Rock 'n' Roll Babies creates music inspired gifts and illustrations for little people and grown ups who like something a little different.

Choose to have your favourite band printed on a coaster, mug or tote bag!

#newmusicmatters #new #album #pastlife #duein2022 #lifeinblackandwhite single dropping 4th March

#illustration #illustrator #illustrationartists #atozofmusic #rocknrollbabies #stockportartists #stockportartist #manchesterartist #manchesterartists #doodle #doodlesofinstagram #doodles


Please welcome Dex to the GS team Guys and Gals!

As we move nearer to the release date for our shiny new album #PastLife and plans for future live work, we bring you some exciting and most excellent news!!

We would like to introduce you all to our new session and live drummer - Mr Dex Tyler!

Dex has a wealth of experience over h m hmm… many years Lol… and has recorded over 35 albums and numerous EP’s. Very experienced live drummer having also toured extensively over the globe with several known and some lesser known bands down the years, with music ranging from rock to punk to prog he is one hell of an asset to what we are planning for in 2022 and beyond!

We think you’ll agree that this guy has an one impressive CV!

Please welcome Dex to the GS team Guys and Gals!

Cheers! Ian and Will

#newmusicmatters #new #album #pastlife #duein2022 #lifeinblackandwhite single dropping 4th March

Life in Black and White V1.png

Life in Black and White - Fans only single release!

We over at Gone Savage HQ are rather excited that our new single 'Life in Black and White' has gone down a storm with internet stations far and wide, from Chorley to Leyland and even Blackburn! Culminating in the 'track of the week' award from Steamhouse Rock Nights !

This track however is not released until 4th March so if you want to hear it, you have to go over to our page and check out the stations currently playing it. This was given to them as a 'thank you' for all the support they have given our music over many years. The next phase is to release the single to 'fans only' via our website from the 18th February and this will be a download (WAV/MP3) only option but as a thank you to our fans, they will be able to name their price, all the way from nuttn' to couple of G's in some cases...! (I lied about that last bit, but we did hit the airwaves of Blackburn ...)..

Anyways I'm rambling the official release date is the 4th March unless you treat yourself to option 1 or 2 or both...

As always we really appreciate any support for our music Guys and Gals...

cheers Ian and Will 

#newmusicmatters #new #album #pastlife #duein2022 #lifeinblackandwhite #single dropping 4th March

— feeling fantastic.


'Life in Black and White' debuts on RadioBypass in California ....

First worldwide radio airing of our brand new single is premiered on RadioBypass...thank you Ralph for the support for our music!


Gone Savage feature in Issue 9 of Emerging Rock Bands Magazine!!

Issue 9 of Emerging Rock Bands Magazine is now available to pre-order from

Featuring a whole load of brilliant bands including Gone Savage

Life in Black and White - section 1.png

***** Incoming!!! New Single alert!*****

So whilst we await a fat suitcase stuffed with 20's and a deal from the biggest label in the world, we thought we would let you know that we will be releasing the first single off our soon to be released album PastLife!

The single entitled 'Life in Black and White' will drop on Friday 18th February - this will be a digital only release and will only be available from our Website for the first 2 weeks from release as a fan exclusive! Full worldwide release date will be Friday 4th March to the usual suspects like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer etc etc.

All radio friends please check your inboxes over the next week or so for an exclusive copy for your stations! Any new stations, please email to be added to the distribution list.

All the best, Ian and Will

#new #single #dropping #Feb18th #album #pastlife #due2022 #newmuiscmatters


Album reviewers - we need you!

Calling on reviewers, labels, radio friends on our page who do unsigned album reviews, to ask if you would be able and pleased to review our new album #pastlife ?

If you would and we would be very grateful of course, then please can you email us at and we will get the pack to you.

** Currently not available on streaming sites or download sites etc as date for release TBC - Picture shown is for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary!

Thanks in advance - Ian and Will #newmusic #newmusicalert #newmusicmatters

#pastlife album update!

Final mixes in the can and WOW-ZAR, take a bow David Radahd-Jones - Red City Recordings, the tracks are phenomenal!

Of course, we would say this......#shout #beproud

Next stop Pete Maher Mastering to add the gloss finish to our musical art! Well if it's good enough for #LinkinPark and #U2 then we are indeed in very good hands!

Look out for promos coming soon with dates and details on how you can get your copy of #pastlife

We did it #brother - Up the Savages! #newmusicmatters #pastlife #regression #new #music #rocks

Little update on the new album #pastlife and where we are...

Ok Guys and Gals, we've been quiet on here for a little while...stuff going on, stuff and more stuff going on... you know, stuff....

Little update on the new album #pastlife and where we are currently....all 12 tracks done and now off for mixing with the doctor that is David Radahd-Jones - Red City Recordings #newmusicmatters #mixing #mixingengineer #bulletproof #iconoftoday - sounding better than #ACE

How I Almost Became a Rock Star

Our Will going stronger than ever in the Wattpad charts and on his way TO become a Rock Star!

************Over 1500 reads and nearly 500 votes!! ***************

This book is awesome for anyone to read at any age. It's got everything and more's not just for #rockers but anyone and everyone who lived the late 80's and 90's, ....those who played in original bands around the #manchester and #bury scene... those that went to gigs or rocked out at Jillys Rockworld GBNF 13 April 2010 and The Banshee (Nightclub) - Manchester...those that missed out and those that we're left behind.....

We're adding more pages to the blog on the official website - over the coming weeks, so in the meantime please can we ask you to help Will with reads and votes to be able to make him THAT ROCKSTAR!!

#followers #followus #rock #stars #gonesavage #pastlife #vote

Revive the world famous Le Studio Morin Heights in Canada, home to Rush....

Following on from the post yesterday about Will's experiences in a band in the 80's and 90's, we know that a lot of our fans are also fans of the music we grew up with.

Currently we are helping by supporting and spreading the word of an awesome project by Richard Baxter to revive the world famous Le Studio Morin Heights, in Canada, home to many a fantastic album by Canada's favourite sons, RUSH !

Please visit the page on the link below and give Richard some love and support.

Buy the merch, buy the souvenirs, support the project!

#Rush #support #rock #RichardBaxter #studio #lestudio #morinheights #neilpeart #geddylee #alexlifeson

DILLIGAF the no.1 in Biker clothing and apparel will be endorsing Gone Savage!!

DILLIGAF the no.1 in Biker clothing and apparel has teamed up with Polestar Management and will not only be endorsing their bands on their extensive roster but us, Gone Savage, as well!!

The ethos is simple – DILLIGAF – Do I Look Like I Give a Fuck – an expression that is used widely, especially in the biker community as well, but one that goes a lot deeper.

Our New Single is a Huge Success!!

Over 600 streams in the first week! 

Thank you each and every one of you! #newmusicmatters #LetTheMusicPlay #lovecaughtmeout

Gene Simmons - Kiss

Currently working with this amazing artist, please go check out his page and work! Ian Young's Art

Ian Young is an artist and illustrator living in Cumbria. He paints in oils and acrylics mostly on canvas. Through his online shop Ian sells tee shirts, hoodies, cards that sort of thing also! Please look out for a very 'special' T coming soon!

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