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Radio partners

These guys and gals support our music and that of a plethora of independent artist of all genres. We wanted to create a page dedicated to the one's that truly believe in the grass roots scene and genuinely want to help. If you want to add in a station that has these core values at heart, and delivers on it's promises, please message us on this website and we will get them added!

As many of you will be aware, we are very supportive of independent radio stations and some national ones (yeah, not just the ones who play our music) and we try to ensure that those who do support us are supported back..! We value their effort and we wanted to give a little back…! What we are doing currently is adding into our website and socials, the radio stations that we believe echo our core values and beliefs. This is not about getting priority, this is showing that bands can be equally as supportive of our providers of air as radio stations can be by providing this for us all..!  The benefit for other bands is that we have tested these guys out over the last 3 years and they constantly deliver! So if you visit our website you will be able to see who’s who and links to their social etc so as you can apply to airtime directly with them. We are not making zip from this, not one penny.. but the way I see it is that there can be a world where bands (predominately) can help one another rather than just take, take, and take some more…it’s a 2 way street and we wanted to give something back to the stations that have helped us on our journey.

Currently updating the website, but by no means an easy job! We have been on over 150 plus stations / worldwide sites and to be fair, a lot of those guys and girls have been wonderful in their support…the problem is the website only allows so many spaces for me to fill in! Lol.!

But rest assured, this feature will be updated and possibly re-formatted so as to include a lot more!  If you want to be a part of it or you would rather sit this one out, please can you message me / the band page or email me.

All the best and keep on doing what you do! Thank you, Ian and Will


Ralphy's Music of the World


Dee Rocks Radio


Hard Rock Hell Radio


Rock Radio UK


France the Planet


D.J's Denim And Leather Show


DJ Moto UK


Moorlands Rock on Moorlands Radio


The Manamal Metal Radio


Keep It Rock with Dunk Mackellar


Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with Pariah Burke


The Rock Out Radio Show


Hastings Rock FM


Double Trouble Radio


Radioactive Rock Show


Headz Up Radio Show


Radio Northwich with Nicky Clifford


Poison Ivy


Tattoo Metal Radio


Indies with Marky




ParaVice City - Chad Vice explores some wicked awesome 80s hard rock tunes by big, small and obscure artists on his weekly radio show, and play you songs that aren't the same overplayed radio hits. Exploring forgotten gems or album cuts, and discussing the music and the stories behind them! Chad also throws in new songs that he has been rocking out to each week and is a big supporter of 80s bands releasing new music!


Sharpy's Rock'n'Roll Train


Global Indies With Marky


They think its all over


Great Music Stories - The Monday Night Rock Show with Guy Bellamy!

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