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Where it all began!!

My name is Will Glover and I’m the singer in Gone Savage. They told me I have to write stuff down for people to read about us. Make it funny they said. Make it interesting. Then they shoved me in this room and won’t let me out until I’ve done it. That’s the way us singers get treated. They know that most of us know zip about technology and they love to talk about compression and pro-tools and drop d tuning. I just nod along pretending I’ve got a scooby what they’re on about.

I’m used to being shoved in a room on my own. The rest of the band get to record together or sit in the control room and laugh along with the engineers and producers. The singers are sent into a soundproof vocal booth where you can only imagine what they’re saying about you the other side of the glass. I spend my life talking into a microphone looking at a bare wall, wondering if anyone is actually listening or if they’re all watching a YouTube video about a cat falling into water.

So we have a new album being recorded right now and a lovely new website to promote it on at

Write us a biography they said. Why can’t we all do it together I said with trepidation. Because we’re working on the ADSR for the ride cymbal before inserting the right panning effect........ blah blah blah. They faded out in my brain at that point and I went alone to the room.

I began to write.

Gone Savage were formed in 1994 with musicians from various bands such as.....

Then I stopped. I was even boring myself just ten words in. I thought there must be a better way. All bands have great stories. From Metallica to Massive Wagons, we have all been through good times, bad times, funny times, weird times and almost everything in between. When Gone Savage get together we still talk about the stuff that’s happened over the years, most of which we can now see the funny side of! So I made an executive decision ( nobody can hear me in here anyway, even if I asked them ) and decided to share with whoever is mildly interested the stories and anecdotes that comprise the history of this band. It’s not exactly “The Dirt”... neither is it a drug fuelled descent into rock n roll oblivion followed by the standard “epiphany” and subsequent rise into a new and rather self righteous lifestyle of green tea and yoga retreats. It’s simply the story of a few lads from the north of England playing in a band together and the adventures/ mis-adventures that ensued.

So... you’re gonna hear stories of auditions without songs, great gigs gone bad, terrible gigs gone good, hapless managers and a man who stopped us mid show because he lost his false teeth in the mosh pit!

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