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A massive and very warm welcome to all our friends

and fans who are reading this...the very first Gone

Savage blog-post!

As you may ( or may not ) be aware, we are INCREDIBLY

busy people at the moment! We are writing and

recording a brand new album, the first new material

from this band for.... take a deep breath... 23 years!

....That's the easy bit!

Things have certainly changed dramatically as far as

the music business goes. While we have been quietly

going about our lives and still playing/writing/singing,

the world of self promotion has moved on at the speed

of light.

The days of sending out a demo tape ( you can explain

the word tape to your kids later ) and sitting back

waiting for somebody to knock on your door with a

chequebook ( you can explain the word chequebook to

your kids at the same time as you explain the word

tape ) are loooooong gone.

So in the spirit of modernity and engagement with our

social media, whatever that means, we present our

newsletter. This monthly update will feature all things

GS and contain interesting and relevant facts and fun

for the discerning individual.

OK, so let’s dive right in!

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