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Total Rock band of the month vote!

Hi everyone, hope you're all good and ready for the weekend!!

We need you!

We have been nominated for band of the month by TotalRock along with some amazing artists and bands.. We are incredibly honoured 🙏

Now to be in with a shot at the title we need you awesome Guys and Gals to give us your support. To do this, dead easy, follow the link to the Total Rock Web page, select Gone Savage 'Life in Black and White' at the bottom and howzar, we are eternally grateful and you, our kind and generous friend, can relax knowing you did a great deed.

Let's do it! 🤘🤘

Thank you in advance.. 🙏

#newmusicmatters #music #vote #total #rock #radio

Please use this link.. 👇

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